AWE Eisenach: Exhibition, prices, opening hours & arrival at a glance


While Wartburg Castle and the Bach House are witnesses to the town's long history, the "Automobilwerk Eisenach" (AWE for short) is a central component of the more recent history of the Wartburg region and Germany.

The Dixi brand, well-known among classic car fans, has its origins here, as does the GDR's export hit with the brand name that leaves little room for speculation about its origins: the "Wartburg".

The "Automobile Welt Eisenach" museum tells the story of the automotive industry in and around Eisenach from its beginnings to the present day.

That's why a visit to the AWE is worthwhile

  • Historical significance: Eisenach is a hotspot for automotive history. The town is not only the birthplace of the legendary Wartburg and the former home of Dixi and BMW, but is also still an OPEL production site today. The AWE site was of central importance for the development of the entire region.
  • Unique collection: Automobile Welt Eisenach is home to a fascinating collection of classic cars, including rare vehicles and historical exhibits from various periods of automotive history. Dixi, EMW, IFA and Wartburg make the hearts of connoisseurs beat faster, while names such as BMW and OPEL make people sit up and take notice.
  • History close up: Visitors can immerse themselves in the history of automobile production. From one-offs that never went into series production, exhibits from the imperial era to bestsellers of the last 50 years, the museum provides historical insights into the development processes of vehicles of all kinds in Germany.
  • Engineering skills: The Dixi workshop and cutaway models of engines and vehicles from all eras of vehicle construction bear witness to the inventiveness of the developers, whether out of pragmatism or for the luxury of the time.

Tongue twister exhibit: The double-crank toggle deep-drawing press

A challenge not only for the tongue: the 10.50m high, 6.50m wide, 3.70m long colossus weighing several tonnes had to be transported to its current location with great effort.
© KlausNahr, CC BY-SA 2.0

An impressive double-crank toggle deep-drawing press made by Schuler (from Göppingen) is on display in front of the AWE Museum. With its height of around 10.50 metres, a weight of 75 tonnes and its 70-year history at the Eisenach car plant, it represents an important era in automobile production.

This deep-drawing press was instrumental in the production of body parts for Dixi, BMW and Wartburg models between 1928 and 1991. Since its final decommissioning in 1998, it has served as a technical monument and is a central exhibit outside the museum, as its size made internal placement impossible.

By preserving it, the deep-drawing press will be preserved for future generations as a visual and technological testimony to automotive history... and will keep the tongue twister alive in the long term.

Prices, guided tours & group offers

The AWE charges moderate admission prices for the exhibition, depending on age, discount or group size. Here is an overview:

PersonsAdmission price
Adults 9.00 €
Concessions (pupils, students, trainees, severely disabled persons) 4.50 €
Children up to 6 years free
Accompanying persons 3.50 €
Families (2 adults & 3 children/grandchildren up to 16 years) 20.00 €
Groups of 10 people or more 7.00 € per person
School groups 3.50 € per person

The AWE Museum also offers guided tours. These each last about 60 minutes.

Groups can take part in guided tours on various topics by prior arrangement. Of course, "History and history of the Eisenach automotive industry" is offered as a standard topic, but other focal points are possible by prior arrangement.

The price for adult groups here is €60.00 while school groups are charged €40.00 per group.

Groups can be easily registered by calling +49369177212 or by sending an email to

Not part of the exhibition: The old 'O1' factory site was BMW's largest building in Eisenach. A sports and multifunctional hall is to be built in the industrial monument.
© Christian Wolf

Opening hours in summer & winter months

During the months April to October, the AWE Museum welcomes visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The last admission during this time is at 5.30 pm.

From November to March, the museum is also open from Tuesday to Sunday, but only from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and the last admission is at 4:30 pm.

Travelling by car, bus & train

By car you can reach the racecourse from further afield via the A4 motorway and from the west via the B19 and B84. Coming from the east, first take the B84 and then the B19 to get to the eastern part of Eisenach and from there to Rennbahn.

Parking is available everywhere in the immediate vicinity, but is not free of charge. The city car parking garage "Zum alten Straßenbahndepot" on Uferstraße is a good option and there is a parking space for motorhomes on the grounds of the AWE.

By train or bus, guests arrive either at Eisenach railway station or at the bus station, which are located right next to each other anyway.

From the car parking spaces in the city or the train stations, the AWE can be easily reached on foot in around 15 minutes.

 Klaus Nahr, CC BY-SA 2.0

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